A touring four-acre multi-level labyrinth, awakened by monumental interactive encounters, mind-bending sonic experiences, fire-breathing monolithic structures, shapeshifting kinetic sculptures, and mesmerizing future technologies.

Where is TRANSFIX located?

Is it all ages?

Where is the designated parking area?

Where can our transportation/rideshare drop off?

Can I take professional photos/videos?

Should I buy tickets in advance?

Where can I buy tickets?

Where is the entrance for TRANSFIX?

Other than purchasing tickets online, will there be a desk/booth for guests to purchase tickets in person?

Is there separate pricing for children?

Is there a senior discount?

Is there a military discount?

Are strollers allowed inside?

Are animals allowed inside?

Is outside food and beverage allowed?

Do you offer cancellations or refunds of tickets?

Do you have a backpack/bag policy?

Can guests leave the venue and come back?

Is all of TRANSFIX accessible by people with disabilities? 

Is there a time limit?

What happens to purchased tickets in the event of inclement weather?

Is there different pricing for for weekdays and weekends?